Lightning Talk given at London College of Communication

This is the presentation I gave at LCC , 20th March, 2019. It was marked under the theme of Well Being, the topic of the teaching and learning conference. The title is Archetypes: Enhancing Reflection. I had several interesting conversations with counsellors, teachers and learning developers about the possibilities of exploring ‘original forms’ or archetypes with personal issues and reflection.

However, I found five minutes way too short to really explain anything with any  kind of nuance,  so I have prepared an extended version with a voice-over so anyone interested can hear what I said and get more details.

I will also upload a written version if people prefer to read it instead. But that will take time to do the typing.

Many thanks for those who attended and made comments and all those who signed up showing interest in a workshop.

The Archetypes in Reflection workshop will be on Friday May 24th JPS 525 at 11am .

Watch your email for more information.


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