Lightning Talk given at London College of Communication

This is the presentation I gave at LCC , 20th March, 2019. It was marked under the theme of Well Being, the topic of the teaching and learning conference. The title is Archetypes: Enhancing Reflection. I had several interesting conversations with counsellors, teachers and learning developers about the possibilities of exploring ‘original forms’ or archetypes with personal issues and reflection.

However, I found five minutes way too short to really explain anything with any  kind of nuance,  so I have prepared an extended version with a voice-over so anyone interested can hear what I said and get more details.

I will also upload a written version if people prefer to read it instead. But that will take time to do the typing.

Many thanks for those who attended and made comments and all those who signed up showing interest in a workshop.

The Archetypes in Reflection workshop will be on Friday May 24th JPS 525 at 11am .

Watch your email for more information.


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Update of the learn the archetypes quiz

Here is an updated version of the learn the Archetypes Quiz using SWAY. It has more information on each of the 12 primary archetypes.

Click and Press Play

archetypes quiz

Archetypes Quiz on Sway

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Learn more about Archetypes to help deepen your Reflection

Do you want to learn more about Archetypes and discover how they can help you?

Carol S.Pearson has determined the twelve main archetypes.

These include the:

Innocent, Orphan, Warrior, Caregiver, Lover, Seeker, Creator, Destroyer, Ruler, Magician, Sage, and Jester.

You may already recognise some of them. Try this self testing exercise to match the main qualities to the archetypes. See how you get on.

Don’t wait for the answer. Think of it for your self before you allow the video to tell you the answers. Good luck.

Let me know if have any comments or questions.


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Using Reflection to Solve Problems

UAL London College of Fashion

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Please read the FAQs in the video here,  or the text below.

Using Reflection to Solve Problems and Enhance Learning

You are invited to take part in a learning psychology research project about learning and self-reflection that will use a variety of methods to obtain data. If you give consent, you will be asked to take 2 short questionnaires about strategies you are currently using to feel good about yourself and resolve dilemmas effectively and report this on a record sheet. The questionnaires may be needed more than once, before and after the activity. You will be assigned a random group number to facilitate organisation and gathering of data for the researcher

What  will I be asked to do? 

You will be required to give  one  hour  of time to attend a workshop that includes a basic activity and reflection report. You will need to be able to commit to completing the questionnaires and activities, and filling out the record sheet,  so if you think this may be difficult for you,  please do not participate.

When does it start?

We plan to start mid-June 2017 and run until July but if you are PG students it could also run over the summer until the end of term 1 2017 and into 2018.

Do I have to give my consent? 

You are invited to give consent by signing the consent form (attached) to agree to take part. However, it is entirely a personal choice and there is no consequence if you do not  give consent.  Giving consent is in line with LCF/UAL regulations and is standard practice to ensure confidentiality of your information, and to safeguard against any misunderstanding about what the information will be used for and how your personal information will be stored.

Is there any obligation? 

No, however, once you give your consent, we expect you to complete the questionnaires and participate in the activity. You may withdraw at any time without detriment. All that would be required is an email to let us know that you wish to withdraw.

Does it matter which course I am on?

Not at all. We will be collecting data from a range of courses as this will offer a wider range of responses..  You must be a current LCF student on any course and 18 years old or older.

Why should I do this?

This research seeks to gather data on student’s awareness of their ability to solve dilemmas and reflect on this and your assistance is essential for this to take place.

How many times do I need to show up?

Just once. However, we are testing 2 types of materials associated with enhanced learning. If we find one is superior to the other, you will have the opportunity to try the other materials that you didn’t use in the first one.

How will I know the outcome? 

If you wish to know the results of the study then please check back to this blog for news, or let me know.


Want to know more details?

Please contact…

Kieron    x 6158

( 020 7514 6158)

Academic Support, LCF

This is an invitation to students to join a research project that investigates problem solving tools through reflection.

Thank you in advance for taking part.





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